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 Rogue guild apply [ DENIED ]

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PostSubject: Rogue guild apply [ DENIED ]   Tue Nov 27, 2007 6:24 pm

Place of residence/time zone:swe

Character name:Brd
Character profile:

Attunement to karazhan done?yep

Are you able to attend to the raidinvite starting at 18:30? (If not, which weekdays could you not attend at that time)jaa

What is your previous raiding experiences pre TBC and during TBC?har gjort mc aq40 onyxia ZG...

What do you expect from us? mycket raiding:) och en vänlig guild

What do you have to offer this guild?men bra kompis och min rogue ofc

Previous guilds and why you left/got kicked?har inte spelar på tyyp 3 månader så jag har ingen/har haft nån guild guild

Are you willing to respecc if needed?jaa

Do you have computer and internet connection that can handle 25 man raids?yep

What is your purpose of joining Quicksilver?gr8 rading
and to have a gr8 time
Do you have following programs/addons?
Ventrilo MIX:yep
Deadly Bossmods:aa
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PostSubject: Re: Rogue guild apply [ DENIED ]   Wed Nov 28, 2007 8:18 am

Vi har tyvärr ganska fullt på rogues just nu och ditt gear är inte i närheten tillräckligt bra.
När du bara lägger t. ex. 4 agi gems i ett par riktigt bra 70 epic byxor så fattar jag inte riktigt hur du tänker.
Skaffa riktiga gems och riktigt lvl 70 gear.
Sen kan du fixa 30 ap och 10 crit enchant på byxorna osv.
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Rogue guild apply [ DENIED ]
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