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 Fire Mage [ ACCEPTERAD ]

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PostSubject: Fire Mage [ ACCEPTERAD ]   Sun Nov 11, 2007 8:51 pm

Place of residence/time zone:Sweden

Character name:Apologize
Character profile:

Attunement to karazhan done? YES

Are you able to attend to the raidinvite starting at 18:30? (If not, which weekdays could you not attend at that time) I can be there every night

What is your previous raiding experiences pre TBC and during TBC?
Done ZG,AQ20,MC,BWL, and AQ40... Done Full kara and Gruul
What do you expect from us?
To be a nice and helping guild,, Also to be able to raid and to have good progress.
What do you have to offer this guild?
Well U will get a Mage that will Sign for every Raid. And will help anyway i can.
Previous guilds and why you left/got kicked?
Was in The Instinct but it Fell Apart,
Are you willing to respecc if needed?
yes ofc
Do you have computer and internet connection that can handle 25 man raids? Yes

What is your purpose of joining Quicksilver?
Well i want a good guild for raiding and a nice Social Guild.
Do you have following programs/addons?
Ventrilo MIX:Yes
Deadly Bossmods:yes

If you feel like adding something then now is the time No i guess that´s it.
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PostSubject: .   Sun Nov 11, 2007 8:54 pm

Bra xp nice gear etc. Välkommen
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Fire Mage [ ACCEPTERAD ]
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